Thursday, June 28, 2018

Expansion of the Franklin Ministerium and Franklin Central Help Fund

In order to increase the fellowship and cooperation among Christian churches and to better help those in need, the Franklin Ministerium is seeking to expand its reach by encouraging churches within the Franklin Area School District and the Valley Grove School District to join the Franklin Ministerium. In addition, we are expanding the reach of our Central Help Fund beyond its current 16323 zip code limitations to now cover both of those school districts as well.
The Ministerium will be mailing letters explaining how churches can join us at the ministerium, with the Central Help Fund, or both. There may be some churches that have evaded our mailing list, or who need encouragement from their congregations to join this ecumenical effort. In light of that, the link below contains the document that we're mailing, please feel free to share it with churches and church leaders.
(Note: We are not currently looking at churches in the Oil City or Cranberry School Districts, those would fall under their own respective ministeriums, with which we cooperate already through the Venango County Joint Ministerium.)

Franklin Ministerium and Franklin Central Help Fund documents

Let there be light: Working on our 132 bulb chandelier

As we prepare to lower our chandelier and replace burned out bulbs, we took the preliminary step today of having our local electrician from Drayer Electrical Services climb up through the bell tower into the roof substructure to take a look at the sockets where the 12 strands of lights are plugged in.

The roof substructure above the sanctuary.

Wiring for 11 dozen bulbs in the chandelier

A serious crank for lower the chandelier