Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A church that makes their pastor proud

In a week it will be one year since I was called here to be the pastor of 1st Baptist of Franklin.  In that year I have witnessed many things which have confirmed to both myself and my wife Nicole that we made the right choice when we moved here.  The spirit of love and generosity that embodies this church is certainly at the top of the list.  My heartfelt thanks go out to all who have donated of their time, skills, money, and prayer to this ministry.  I have often been the recipient of your generosity, as with the Christmas gift my wife and I received, and countless other acts of kindness, you have my thanks.

When I became involved in Mustard Seed Missions, I found a church eager to follow me.  When I suggested changes, big or small, for the sake of the mission of this church, I found a thoughtful people willing to give it a try.  Along the way I have built new friendships both within these walls and without.
I have been strengthened by the words of encouragement and support of this people, thank you once again, you know how hard it is for me to accept compliments, I am the product of the path that the Lord has set me upon, when I do my job well it reflects upon the care with which my maker crafted me and the loving hands in which my life was entrusted along the way.

This has been a good year, the Lord is good, his people have proven worthy of the high calling of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ecumenical Week of Prayer - January 21-26

The Franklin area ministerium is hosting a week of Christian unity through prayer that will feature events each day in a different church throughout the community and culminating in a time of worship alongside the congregation of St. Patrick's with their Saturday evening Mass.  The participating churches of Franklin feel strongly that Christian unity is best fostered when we serve those in need together and when we worship and pray together.  The week will offer us all the opportunity to step outside of our normal routine and join with those who we don't normally have a chance to worship with in praying for our churches, our community, and our nation.

Event Schedule:
1/21  Franklin Alliance Church - Noon
1/22 First United Methodist Church - 6:15 PM
1/23 Christ United Methodist Church - 6:15 PM
1/24 First Baptist Church - Noon
1/25 Holiness Church of Rocky Grove - 6:15 PM
1/26 St. Patrick's Church - 5 PM

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mustard Seed Missions - logo, pamphlet, and bulletin insert

In addition to the website:
Mustard Seed Missions now has an official logo (thanks to my wife Nicole for the design)
You can also download our pamphlet and bulletin insert for yourself, your organization or church; please feel free to print your own and distribute them; the more volunteers and donations we receive, the more families we can help; God is good.
Mustard Seed Mission bulletin insert

Mustard Seed Mission pamphlet (pdf)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Concert brings joy and praise

Our Christmas Concert was held this past Saturday in front of a packed house that enjoyed the instrumental and vocal music.  Thanks to Dennis Geib and all those who participated.  We look forward to additional concerts in the future, as well as the use of Miller Auditorium by the public.
The beautiful stained glass windows and murals of the church

The doors are open to the adjoining Miller Auditorium for overflow seating
with one of the two large murals and the organ in view.

Pastor Powell opens the concert with prayer.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Concert, December 15th 6:30 PM

Victorian Christmas Concert
December 15th at 6:30 PM (doors open at 5:30)
First Baptist Church of Franklin
1041 Liberty St.

Christmas is a time of wonder, celebration, and joy as we share in the commemoration of the advent of Jesus Christ.  One of the most heart-warming aspects of Christmas is the amazing music that fills the air.  On Saturday, December 15th, First Baptist Church will be hosting a free Victorian Christmas Concert featuring both classical and sacred Christmas music.
The concert will be held in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church, a beautiful example of Victorian architecture with massive stained glass windows, murals, and an Estey pipe organ.  This setting will add wonder to the evening which will also feature a Steinway concert grand piano generously provided by the event sponsors.
            The concert will feature local vocalists Brianna Steves and Kevin Downey (winner of A Taste of Talent 2011), guitarist Max Schang, pianist and trumpeter Nicholas Nasibyan, and pianists Erin Clarahan and Dennis Geib.  There will be additional performances by sensational young pianists Joey Babcanec, Will Heller, Kevin O’Brien, and Jonah Brown, as well as string pieces by Tom Karg, Diana Downey, and Nicole Powell, and a performance by “Whimsy” of Sweet Adelines International.
            The concert is free to the public and donations will be accepted to continue the renovations of the adjoining Miller Auditorium and to support future concerts and plays featuring local artists that will become a regular part of the outreach of First Baptist Church.