Monday, November 23, 2020

Video of Venango County Christian Ministerium's Thanksgiving Service

 In a year of tumult and uncertainty, the ministerium chose to preach Psalm 100 for our Thanksgiving service, highlighting the goodness of the LORD and our ongoing need to offer Him thanks and praise. The service features numerous local ministry leaders representing churches throughout the county, sharing readings, prayers, and preaching.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

1st Baptist to extend mask requirement throughout worship service

 In accordance with the most recent recommendations from the Pennsylvania Health Department in response to the ongoing spike of COVID-19 cases, both nationally and locally, the Governing Board of 1st Baptist Church voted to extend our mask requirement beyond entering and exiting the sanctuary on Sunday morning.  Our policy will now require everyone present to wear a mask throughout their time in the building (excepting the person currently leading the service in prayer/song/preaching).  We know that this is a mild inconvenience, but we appreciate your cooperation.  This policy will remain in effect until further notice.  Thank you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

CSS Christmas food voucher registration to occur by phone this year

For the past several years, 1st Baptist has gladly hosted the CSS food voucher distribution day here in Franklin.  On that day we see hundreds of families who wait in line to get a voucher provided by the Venango County Emergency Food and Shelter Program.  This year the registration for that program will be conducted by phone only.  All those wishing to participate should call 211 (Northwest PA 211) and tell the operator they wish to register for the "CSS food voucher."

Lord willing, we will once against host our neighbors for the voucher distribution next year.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

An effort by the Venango County Christian Ministerium to show support to healthcare workers during this pandemic: signs available 11/17


In light of the new surge of COVID-19 cases both locally and nationally, many of the area ministers have been looking for a way to show support for both those who serve our community at UPMC Northwest in Seneca, and healthcare workers throughout our county. These brave men and women care for us when we need them, they need our support in return.

Our first step? We will be selling 18x24 yard signs (with stand) printed locally in Franklin by PMP Printing. The sign was created by my talented wife, Nicole Brzezinski Powell. {If you don't live in Venango County, please feel free to utilize the attached file to have signs/banners/etc. printed where you live; or at least, share the image on social media}

We have ordered 200 signs, they should be here at the church (1041 Liberty St. in Franklin) available for pick-up starting on the 17th. They may be picked up from 8-3 M-F, call 432-8061 for pick-up outside of that time window. We are hoping to have them placed in front of every church in the county, and many homes as well. The signs will cost us appx. $7 per, and we will sell them for $10 each, with the $3 profit becoming a donation to our local food pantries to coincide with the offering we will take at our county-wide Thanksgiving service on the 22nd. The easiest method would be to convince your church to buy a batch and then distribute them, but we will also sell them directly at the church to individuals (the building has a mask wearing policy, thank you for your cooperation).

Friday, November 6, 2020

Keeping an eye on the COVID numbers

 Given the recent spike in COVID cases in our county, we have rearranged the seating in the sanctuary to create 3 rows (front/back) between available seats, and one row (side/side).  This still leaves us with 17 available family spots, which should be sufficient.

Please spread out accordingly on Sunday, even if that means not sitting in 'your spot', which has only been only 'your spot' since COVID started, and really isn't your long-term spot anyway, so no biggie 😉

The board is monitoring the current case levels, and will take further action as warranted.  The mask requirement coming into and leaving the sanctuary remains in place.  Thank you for understanding and helping us keep everyone as safe as possible.