Weddings and Building Rental

The First Baptist Church of Franklin is blessed with a large and artistically and architecturally beautiful building.  In furtherance of that heritage, we strive to ensure that our sacred space is utilized by the people and organizations of Franklin and Venango County (and of course visitors to our community).  For information or to request a rental, call 814-432-8061 or email the church office at:   or Pastor Powell at:  We can often answer a request for a rental quickly, especially if we have worked with the individual/organization previously, but at worst ought to have an answer within a day or two.


The sanctuary of 1st Baptist is a beautiful venue for Christian weddings.  The seating capacity is about 225.  The piano and organ are available, as is a sound system capable of playing CD's or connecting directly to a phone for musical accompaniment.  {The church's pianist is typically available, at an additional charge, to play during the wedding}.
If the building is rented for a wedding, Latchaw (see below) will be set aside for the bridal party, and the nursery area for the groom's party to prepare for the wedding.  In addition, Clark Hall (see below) is also available (additional charge) for a wedding reception (no alcohol permitted, seats about 125 max and has a full kitchen).

* Call our wedding coordinator Kari Yount at 814-671-8962 to inquire about rates, as they are subject to change and dependent upon variables such as the need for a sound technician or pianist.
** All weddings must be preceded by pre-martial counseling, either provided by Pastor Powell (if he will be officiating) or the Christian minister who will be officiating.
** 1st Baptist reserves the right to not rent the church for the purpose of a wedding that is in violation of Biblical principles and Church teaching. {Primarily, but not exclusively including: Inter-faith weddings (2 Corinthians 6:14) and/or same gender weddings (Matthew 19:3-6)}.  Approval for a wedding rental must given by Pastor Powell and the Church's Governing Board.

Building Rental:
The church has a number of rooms that can be rented individually in accordance with the size needs of the group using the building.  Cost is based upon the portions of the building utilized, whether or not food is involved, the duration of the rental, and whether or not those using it represent a Christian group or other non-profit (who may receive a discount, or in some cases not be charged at all; at the discretion of the Church's Governing Board).  Call the office to inquire about availability and rates, 814-432-8061.
** 1st Baptist reserves the right to not rent the church for a purpose contrary to the mission of the church (i.e. purposes that promote other religions or immoral activity), or for any purpose that would violate the church's non-profit status (i.e. overtly political functions).

Clark Hall -

Clark Hall has a table/chair capacity slightly over 100, greater if it is just chairs facing a speaker/presenter.  In addition, this room has a full kitchen attached at the rear.

Miller Auditorium -

Miller Auditorium contains 200 cushioned seats (and space for perhaps 50 more folding chairs), has a complete sound system, and a large wall at the back of the stage to project presentations.  It could be used for seminars, drama or musical performances, etc.

The Recreation Area -

The Recreation Area is a multi-purpose room, central to the church building, open to a variety of functions.

Latchaw -

Latchaw is our largest classroom/meeting room (aside from the auditorium style of Miller and the hall style of Clark), with room for about 40 with tables and a few more without.  It has a small kitchen as well.  Four other smaller classrooms are available if needed.


While First Baptist is blessed to have a handicap accessible entrance (including heated ramp and steps that are ice/snow free), we like most downtown churches have a limit to our available parking, although there is street side parking on both Buffalo and 11th Street.

* All proceeds from building rental for weddings or other uses are placed in the general fund of the church to support the utility and maintenance costs of the church building.

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