Thursday, September 6, 2012

Venango County Children's Roundtable meeting

Today was another Venango County Children's Roundtable meeting; this one was located here at 1st Baptist, we had an amazing 75 in attendance, with new representatives from lots of new churches as well as for the first time from St. Patrick's and two other Catholic organizations, the Boy Scouts, and others that are now a part of the discussion...continue to pray for this process moving forward, that we have the wisdom to utilize God's people in a way that helps those in need both physically and spiritually.
The next Roundtable meeting will be here at 1st Baptist on October 10th, with a meeting for pastors and lay leaders at 8 AM, followed by the regular Roundtable meeting at 9:00-10:30.
If you know of pastors or lay leaders, para-church organizations, or other charitable groups interested in being part of the discussion, spread the word and have them call to RSVP to 432-8061.

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