Thursday, October 25, 2012

Venango County Children's Summit

We hosted the Children's Summit yesterday and had about 130 participants representing agencies, charities, and faith-based groups throughout the county.  The day featured presentations about changes that have been made to the legal system to make it non-adversarial, to decrease the amount of time needed for a child to find permanence (less foster care), to encourage families to take ownership of their problems and assist in the resolution of them, to decrease truancy, to encourage fathers to become more involved in their children's lives, and lastly to harness the faith-based community to help in the process. 
As you know, we've launched Mustard Seed Missions of Venango County in order to utilize the resources (primarily volunteers) of our churches to help people whom CYS has referred to our organization for help.  The help will include transportation, mentoring, and various repair projects designed to help kids (primarily) avoid being put into the system by helping their families to become better integrated in their community and connected churches where they can find acceptance and support.

There is a mountain of work left to go, but the journey has begun.
Thanks to all who have helped thus far, God bless you.

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