Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Video of Pastor Don Piper, author of 90 Minutes in Heaven

Pastor Don Piper shared his message of hope and faith this past weekend here at First Baptist.  The video is in three parts, to watch it, click on the links below:

Don Piper - Part 1

Don Piper - Part 2

Don Piper - Part 3


  1. I am both a former Southern Baptist and a former American Baptist in Virginia. My wife and I are now United Methodists. I heard Rev. Don Piper's sermon in your church and I am very moved. I already believed in instantaneous resurrection when my father went to Heaven in 1985. My mother joined him in 2006. They are happy now; I am the one who is sad. However, I know that I will see them one day. Nancy and I have Rev. Piper's book "Heaven Is Real." I know he was on the new earth. I have no doubts after hearing him speak. God bless your church as well as the American Baptist Church. Charles E. Miller, Jr., BA in German Studies; MA in Religion and Philosophy

  2. Charles,
    It was our pleasure to have Don here, my wife and I got to know him in the process and can attest that he is entirely genuine as a man of God. As a side note, the man who was the driving force behind this church's early history (100 years ago) was Charles Miller, the oil tycoon who was part of the Standard Oil Trust. Just thought that name coincidence worth noting since you commented on the website of his church.