Friday, March 27, 2020

Good Friday Crosswalk: Changes in response to COVID-19

Franklin District NewsNotes 3-12-2015

The Franklin Christian Ministerium, which sponsors The Community Good Friday Crosswalk in Franklin, has decided in the interest of public health, to cancel the event for this year.  Good Friday is April 10, 2020.  In keeping with the tradition of carrying the Cross of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, the Franklin Ministerium will be offering two alternatives to the live event.

The pastors of the Franklin churches will gather prior to Good Friday to record a video of the walk.  The pastors will share in the readings at each of the 14 stations of the walk.  The video of this walk will be shared on websites, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels of our Franklin churches.

The Franklin churches will also be sharing the booklet that has been traditionally used for the Crosswalk event.  The public has the option of downloading the booklet (link below) to read along as they watch the Crosswalk video or of using the booklet to individually perform the walk in-person on Good Friday.  Check a local church website or Facebook page to download the Crosswalk booklet and view the map of the station locations.  In addition, a supply of the physical booklets will be placed at the front steps of St. Patrick Church (station #1), if you use one, please retain it and don’t return it to the box. If one chooses to perform the walk, we insist in following the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and our governments for social distancing.  If you feel ill in any way, please stay home.

We are blessed in Franklin with a vibrant ecumenical spirit, which will continue, despite the temporary loss of one of the ways in which we show that we belong to one Lord, one faith, one baptism.  Jesus walked the road to Calvary alone, this year we will each feel isolation like the isolation he experienced as he prepared to take the sins of the world upon his shoulders.

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