Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Venango County Rises to the Challenge

One of the reasons why it was the right decision to move to Franklin in 2012 to lead 1st Baptist, and to raise our daughter Clara in this community, is the tremendous way in which the area churches, charities, civic organizations, schools, and local government work together to help our community.  As you know, we've seen this with Mustard Seed Missions and Emmaus Haven, and now we're seeing it once more with the local food pantries who have found a way to increase their already excellent service to our community as they distribute food safely during a pandemic to more people than normal.  How have the people of the county responded to these increased demonstrations of love for our fellow human beings?  By sending extra donations of money to cover the cost of the influx of new people seeking help during this pandemic's economic downturn.

God bless you all, keep up the good work, and please, as you are able, support our local food pantries.  We were in this together when things were 'normal', we're certainly still in this together now as well.

{1st Baptist supports the Shepherd's Green Food Pantry hosted by our neighbors St. John's Episcopal Church as well as Community Services of Venango County, one of the two highlighted in the article}

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