Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ecumenical Week of Prayer - January 21-26

The Franklin area ministerium is hosting a week of Christian unity through prayer that will feature events each day in a different church throughout the community and culminating in a time of worship alongside the congregation of St. Patrick's with their Saturday evening Mass.  The participating churches of Franklin feel strongly that Christian unity is best fostered when we serve those in need together and when we worship and pray together.  The week will offer us all the opportunity to step outside of our normal routine and join with those who we don't normally have a chance to worship with in praying for our churches, our community, and our nation.

Event Schedule:
1/21  Franklin Alliance Church - Noon
1/22 First United Methodist Church - 6:15 PM
1/23 Christ United Methodist Church - 6:15 PM
1/24 First Baptist Church - Noon
1/25 Holiness Church of Rocky Grove - 6:15 PM
1/26 St. Patrick's Church - 5 PM

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