Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A church that makes their pastor proud

In a week it will be one year since I was called here to be the pastor of 1st Baptist of Franklin.  In that year I have witnessed many things which have confirmed to both myself and my wife Nicole that we made the right choice when we moved here.  The spirit of love and generosity that embodies this church is certainly at the top of the list.  My heartfelt thanks go out to all who have donated of their time, skills, money, and prayer to this ministry.  I have often been the recipient of your generosity, as with the Christmas gift my wife and I received, and countless other acts of kindness, you have my thanks.

When I became involved in Mustard Seed Missions, I found a church eager to follow me.  When I suggested changes, big or small, for the sake of the mission of this church, I found a thoughtful people willing to give it a try.  Along the way I have built new friendships both within these walls and without.
I have been strengthened by the words of encouragement and support of this people, thank you once again, you know how hard it is for me to accept compliments, I am the product of the path that the Lord has set me upon, when I do my job well it reflects upon the care with which my maker crafted me and the loving hands in which my life was entrusted along the way.

This has been a good year, the Lord is good, his people have proven worthy of the high calling of the cross of Jesus Christ.

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