Friday, July 13, 2018

And there was light! Chandelier successfully raised back up and lit.

Praise the Lord! The chandelier is back up, after some wrangling with the power cords to get them fed back through the hole, and all 122 bulbs are working! As I plugged each of the 12 power lines in, Cheryl Rila used the walkie talkie to confirm that another section of lights was lighting up. Knowing that we were having some issues with one set of 8 lights (there was no juice to it when lowered), it was a bit tense up in the roof waiting to hear if they would all work...Much thanks to Gary and Dick, along with John Drayer of Drayer Electrical who helped with replacing some of the sockets that were bad...Who says being a pastor isn't a Dirty Job?... The "snowflake" pattern from directly below the light is awesome with these new Edison bulbs, as far as we know this light fixture, originally installed in 1904, is a one of a kind.

Help from John Drayer getting non-working sockets replaced.

New bulbs installed, ready for hoisting.

One the way back up, almost there.

The amazing artistic snowflake pattern of this 1904 chandelier.

The snowflake from further away as the lights meld together in the picture.

A significantly brighter sanctuary.

Pastor Powell trying out for Dirty Jobs after spending a couple hours in the roof working the hoist crank and pulling the power cords back through the hole.  Notice the knees and the right arm black to the elbow.

Not the way Pastor's hands typically look at work; not the first time, it won't be the last.

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