Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Let there be Light! Chandelier successfully lowered, repairs underway

After several hours of deliberations and experimentation, Pastor Powell, assisted by our custodian/maintenance duo of Gary Forsyth and Dick Swartz, were able to lower the chandelier while still leaving it capable of being "plugged-in" thanks to a series of 6  household extension cords, and two fifty-foot extension cords which were lowered with the chandelier as it was dropped.  Once it was down, the tense moment of plugging the cords in arrived, thankfully all 12 sections still lit up enabling us to determine which sockets were in need of repair.  In the end, of the 122 sockets (11 dozen being the number of bulbs we need to order, 122 is the actual number of sockets), only ten were not working, and of the 122 bulbs put up there about 15 years ago, only 25 were out; not bad.  Repairs on the 10 bad sockets will be happening this week, and installation of the new Edison style LED bulbs as well before the process of raising the chandelier commences, hopefully with nearly every bulb lit, on Friday. 

How many of our people will notice the increased light (and new old-school style bulbs) this Sunday?

An extension cord-based solution being put together

Almost there...
Cheryl Rila looking for the right angle to take a picture.
The lowered chandelier "plugged-in", checking sockets.
Gary on the left, Pastor Randy behind, and Dick on the right

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