Thursday, December 2, 2021

Pastor Powell entrusted with additional role for ABCOPAD in 2022

My church has known this was coming for a few weeks, but now it is official: Starting in January, I will be serving as the Geographic Pastoral Servant (GPS) for the NW region of ABCOPAD, encompassing the 45 churches from the associations of French Creek, Beaver, Oil Creek, Clarion, and Allegheny River.

This is not instead of any of my responsibilities for First Baptist Church of Franklin, Mustard Seed Missions, or the Venango County Christian Ministerium, but an additional commitment for 2022. As such, I'd appreciate your prayers for my time management and organizational skills (don't take my desk as an indicator, I'm not hopeless on that front), as well as my travel to visit these churches throughout the year.
In addition, I thank Jeff Johnson and Mark Mahserjian-Smith as well as the executive committee of the ABCOPAD regional board for their faith in myself and the other five entrusted with this role, plus the willingness of the members of 1st Baptist to share me with our denominational brethren.
Itching to get started making connections to the churches in the area that I don't already know, and building upon the existing relationships that I have.

- Pastor Powell

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